terça-feira, novembro 21, 2017

I'm Melanie Ames

Eu sou Melanie Ames!
E é uma honra participar desse blog maravilhoso.

Melanie Ames

Primeiramente, queria agradecer a Pri (Priscila Balogh) pelo convite e por permitir que eu faça parte deste blog com colunista. 
Pri, você é um ídolo para mim!

Agora vou falar mais um pouco sobre mim , meus trabalhos e amigos.
Espero que gostem...

Como todo mundo, eu gosto de uma sacanagem, mas diferente de muitos meu estilo e diferente, pois eu curto Futa on Male. Você deve estar se perguntando o que é Futa , ou muito menos "On male". Well , seria um termo em japonês para denominar uma ou aquela pessoa possui os dois gêneros em um corpo feminino.

Resumindo, os meus trabalhos são de uma mulher com um pinto enorme fodendo um macho. Mas você deve estar se perguntando, não seria mas fácil falar que é uma Shemale fodendo um cu de um cara? Não, não ... Não seria tão fácil assim... Em primeiro lugar Futas não são shemales, pois shemale seria um termo vulgar para denominar uma pessoa que troca suas características físicas mas não a sua sexualidade.

Trans seria algo mais apropriado caso você curta do assunto mas não queira ofender. Enfim eu trabalho com futa on Malé e se você quer saber mais siga meu Tumblr abaixo.

Meus amigos, como vocês podem perceber, eu tenho anos de Second Life, comecei graças a um mentor pessoal, cujo não quero revelar o nome. E com isso fui ganhando minha notoriedade, nada fácil hoje em dia.

Meus amigos de coração no Second Life são: Priscila Balogh e MissCat Snowpaw.

Miss Balogh é a melhor pornstar que conheço no SL, digamos que aquele rabo e conhecido mundialmente... Dona de revista! É um carisma sem precedentes. Quer fode-la? Pague pelo menos pois o prazer e garantido. LOL Sobre a MissCat, é outra pessoa maravilhosa além de ser uma grande amiga e uma grande parceira on e off, não tem como descrever a satisfação de tê-la em minha vida, mas resumindo essa gata rabuda você pode encontrá-la na ilha do Besides.

Não esqueça, o seu prazer de foder e o meu de me manter ... Me fode mas me paga LMAO, o prazer é garantido. Por fim, sou uma pessoa versátil e flexível, desde que você faça a caridade de ler meu profile antes de me mandar uma MI, constrangedora ou talvez desesperada de entrar me fuder, LOL.

Cheque meus trabalhos nos links abaixo, tenho alguns links Free to Fap mas qualquer suporte seria bem vindo. 
Obrigado por ler esse POST
Obrigado Priscila pela oportunidade.
Cat te amo.​


Hello I am Melanie Ames it is an honor to join this wonderful blog.  Pri is an idol to me and so being part of that column makes me very happy. Now I'll tell you a little about me, my jobs and friends. 

I hope you enjoy ...

My works:

Like everyone, I like a slutty, but different from many of my style and different, as I enjoy Futa on Male. You must be wondering what is Futa, let alone "On male". Well, it would be a Japanese term for naming one or that person owns the two genders in a female body. In short, my jobs are from a woman with a huge dick fucking a male. But you must be wondering, would not it be easy to talk about being a Shemale fucking a asshole from a guy? No, no ... It would not be that easy ... In the first place Futas are not shemales, Shemales would be a vulgar term to denominate a person who changes his physical characteristics but not his sexuality. Trans would be more appropriate if you cut short the subject but do not want to offend. Anyway I work with futa on Male and if you want to know more follow my Tumblr below.

My friends:

Well as you can see I have Second Life years, I started thanks to a personal mentor, whose name I do not want to reveal is that I gained my notoriety, not easy nowadays. My friends at heart in Second Life are: Miss Balogh and MissCat Snowpaw. Miss Balogh is the best porn star I know in SL, let's say that ass is known worldwide ... Owner of magazine is an unprecedented charisma. You want to fuck her? Pay at least because the pleasure is guaranteed. Lol

About MissCat, well, another wonderful person besides being a great friend is a great partner on and off, there is no way to describe the satisfaction of having her in my life, but summing up this tailed cat you can find it on the island of Beside follows the link below:

Do not forget, your pleasure to fuck and mine to keep me ... Fucks me but but pays me LMAO, pleasure is guaranteed. Finally, I am a versatile and flexible person, as long as you make the charity of reading my profile before sending me an IM, embarrassing or perhaps desperate to enter fuck me, LoL. Check my work in the links below, I have some Free to Fap links but any support would be welcome. 

Thanks for reading this POST

Thank you Priscilla for the opportunity.
Cat, I love you.

quarta-feira, novembro 08, 2017

Brazilian Talent: Goo Mami

by Miss Balogh

Hello my friends, how are all of you?
The SL has great artits in all areas. 
Especially in the industry that I like: the porn. 


I always surprise myself positively in SL.

Made in Brazil

And there's an artist I particularly love: Ģσσ Mαɱί.ღ (nickixsantos)!

She is Brazilian.

And knowing that made me very proud. I decided to look for her to talk. I'll expose some of her work here on my blog, but I left the flickr link if you want to know more about her work.


She's very talented.

From her work, we can see that she loves erotic work. But her art is not just about sex. She works on the idea of sexual desire in her pictures. And your intention is clear, she wants you to do the same.

And you... Are you going to stand there?
Leave a message to me to put this idea into practice ... with me!

Priscila Balogh

terça-feira, outubro 31, 2017

The Bull and His Queens

by Priscila Balogh

Hello my friends,

Today I will talk about a laid back guy who likes to have some fun. I admire his work a long time ago. His style is visceral and organic. Almost amateur, but very hot. He describes his work as simplistic since He is always learning new stuff.

His philosophy is little talk and more work. He loves the work he does. And if you work with him, you probably will too! For those who do not know him, his name is Ⓜⓡ.Ⓐⓓⓔⓑⓞⓦⓐⓛⓔ.

You can find him in Second Life by mradebowale and if you want to see more about his work, you can click here.

I visited him for an interview, but the result was ...

... it was extremely delicious!

Priscila Balogh

sábado, outubro 28, 2017

Resting Bitch Face

Just me!

Priscila Balogh

Milking BBC

by Miss Balogh

The other day I decided to walk through SL to explore new lands. That day, I was very quiet and did not think of anything besides exploring. When I was in the third land that day, my IM whistled. I went to check, of course. It was a message "Are you lost? Here is not very safe for a hot woman like you."

"Is not it safe?" As I thought! But I was worried, I always walked in ghettos and that did not seem one of the most dangerous. I decided to zoom the person on the message! To my surprise the owner of that message was a handsome black. Just to see him I started to ovulate. He was big, very big.

He looked like a John Persons comic book character.

Because as soon as I approached him, he was soon putting his hands inside my blouse and tearing my skirt. "A busty blonde like you should walk like this forever," good friends, you can imagine the rest of the story.

I'll put some pictures of this meeting here.

Thehe is more history come.
As well as more pictures of this delicious encounter.
I hope you have enjoyed it.

Priscila Balogh

quinta-feira, outubro 26, 2017

A Talented Brazilian: Zin Avon

by Miss Balogh

Hello my friends, how are you?
I would like to start with the following sentence
The world is small. And SL is even smaller.
(One day I'll explain this in a new post).

Today I would like to divulge the great work of a Brazilian artist: Zin Avon.

Zin Avon

Her art is as delicious as her life!
You did not get it wrong. Zin's work is the portrait of his day to day life.

Exactly, you did not get it wrong again. Zin is a ninfo, who loves to record her hottest moments. And one of these moments was with me. Below are some of the photos of our meeting.

"And she comes in my bed ..." by Zin Avon

"I need to feel it in my fingers" by Zin Avon

"Your horny expression warms me up ..." by Zin Avon

If you want to know more, just click here to access her flickr.

Image Credit:
- Model: Priscila Balogh
- Pose by Brenda Valmont
- Lighting by Reynan Caballero
- Photo and Editing: Zin Avon

I hope you enjoy her work as much as I do.

Pri Balogh

terça-feira, outubro 24, 2017

On the beach!

by Miss Balogh

I have not been posting for five years. And what made me post again was a tour I did the other day. I was on the beach sunbathing. After all, that's what retirees do, is not it? When suddenly a beautiful African American approaches. "Can I join you?" He asked. I looked from head to toe. He was tall and strong and his shorts did not hide the volume of his cock.

I repeated it 3 times for myself "say no, say no, say no". And after mentalising the mantra I answered the handsome man.

"Of course you do, sit with me!"

He had already recognized me. After he sat next to me, he let his hand touch my body. What can I say was a max. For a moment I felt like that crazy girl from the past. He very polite so he said he loved to photograph beautiful women and asked if I would mind if he took a picture of me.

All that talk was already working on my mind. And when I saw the lens of his camera. I replied "why not?"

Now with you I share some of the photos that we made.

Producer: Iamso Ordinary.
Model: Priscila Balogh.

If you want to know his work, you can click here.
Iamso is a very educated and naughty producer.
I loved working with him.

I hope you enjoyed. 

Miss Balogh

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