quinta-feira, abril 19, 2018

A Brazilian Experience

by Miss Balogh

Hi everyone,

 I finally came back. My laptop broke and I took some time off from SL. But now I'm back and I already find a delicious story between two friends. Alexus describes his delicious experience with a very hot Brazilian girl. Zin Avon is my friend and I can assure you that you will hear her name a lot.

Artist: Alexus Minotaur.
Model: Zin Avon

I found this story very good and hot. Zin is a Brazilian model with the potential to become a great porn actress. And Alexus is a creative producer that everyone already knows. 
Wait for more!!!
Because soon you will meet the Brazilian Squad
A group with the most naughty and hot Brazilian girls.

Priscila Balogh

domingo, março 11, 2018

For Safety Reasons!

by Miss Balogh

Hi friends, how are you?

My boyfriend is a guy very worried about the safety of the house. One day he decided to install cameras around the house to record any activity that might happen. 

Especially when it comes to security.

He always suspects that the house can be robbed!
But what about me?

Well ... I forgot that the cameras were installed and ... look at what they recorded!

by Iamso Ordinary

I do not know what will happen to me, but the camera did not work the way he wanted!

I would like to dedicate this post to Roberto Avon!

Priscila Balogh

domingo, março 04, 2018

Hottie Legends

by Miss Balogh

"To be selected as a Hotties Legend is an honor reserved for those members who have a rich history in the SL Adult world, who have a well known name, presence in this community and have made their mark on the Hotties group through participation and achievements over time"

Hello dears,

Fuck ... Now I'm a Hottie Legend!
People think that the life of porn actress in SL is easy. My relationship with this world is a lot of dedication. And after a long time I'm harvesting everything I planted.

by Ali Lancrae

This time the recognition came from the famous group "HOOBS HOTTIES". And knowing this group is mandatory for anyone who wants to become a big star. Some of the most popular people in the SL Porn World started out as a Hoobs Hottie.

I did not start as a Hoobs Hottie. But I've always wanted to join this group. If you are an porn actress and you do not know this group, I'm sorry, but if you don't know what Hoobs Hotties is, then you haven't been in the SL Porn world for very long.

This select group has some big names in the porn world: Ali Lancrae, Cream Release, Dokie, Moonie and Partee. I feel honored to have my name among these names. This is a source of great pride to me, because they are people I admire and I am also a fan.

I would like to thank Hoobs to invite me to be in the group in person. Now I will have the golg L on my profile poster. How I feel? Being a Hottie Legend means I'm a hottie for life ... now and forever!

If you are interested in joining or would like some info. 
Please just message  HO O B S™ (hoobdiddy) or Ali Lancrae!

I'll leave the blog link so that you can visit too, just click here.
Thanks so much, HOOBS.

Kisses, friends!
Priscila Balogh

quinta-feira, março 01, 2018

Pic of the Day

Hi friends,

I received this photo of a friend who loves to photograph the people. I loved it, so I'm sharing it with all of you!

by Melanie Ames

I hope that you love as I love it!
Priscila Balogh

sexta-feira, fevereiro 23, 2018

XXX Avengers XXX

by Miss Balogh

Hi dears,

I do not know him personally. But his work always catches my attention. Sometimes I wonder if I'll ever work with him, I hope so. So ... Marcus Strong is the name of the artist. Marcus's work impresses me with quality. He recently produced something very interesting, funny and very sexy. 

If you are curious to know your work, just click here.

Sharon Castillione as Black Widow
I hope you can enjoy it as much as I do.

Priscila Balogh

sábado, fevereiro 10, 2018

Walk of Fame

by Miss Balogh

Hello dears,

I am so happy to announce that I that I've won another prize.

On last Tuesday, January 23rd at 1pm SLT, SX Magazine revealed in a party the first 10 artists to compose The Adult Industry Walk of Fame. The Gorgerous SX Magazine decided to build a Walk of Fame celebrate the biggest contributors of the SL Adult Industry, of which I' m honored to be a part.

And my happiness is not just for this recognition. But also, I'm happy to be among big names like: Emmanuelle Jameson (actress), Ruff Brocco (Director), Serenity Kristan (Director), Hard Rust (Director), Jasmine Skyward (Productor), Thorgal Mc Gillivary (Director), Quinn Ying (Director and actress).

According the magazine, "The Walk of Fame is designed not only as as a tribute, but also like a bridge to connect the new generation of pornstars with the producers and models who made this business so awesome. The Walk of Fame will start with a first induction of 10 members, to which will be added 5 new names every 3 months".

I would like to thank SX Magazine's recognition of the old names of the porn industry in SL. And I'd like to send a special kiss to Mr. Virgil, the chief editor of this project. And I would also like to thank all my fans for the recognition I have been receiving over the years.

Priscila Balogh

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